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WELCOME! the official website of
Michele Parisi, aka Miky Up, musician and composer.

The contamination and the fusion between different musical genres are the
foundation of his compositions. His creative liberty is always instinctive and sincere, never forced, and certainly never slave to the market's rules. His artistic production reflects only his emotional state, his experience, his "present".

He considers himself a true "human converter", converting pure emotion into music and words, sometimes contained in a handkerchief "easy", sometimes in a cloth "pop", sometimes in a tin "punk", sometimes in a blanket "solid rock", sometimes in "classic or epic" moments, sometimes ... who knows.


Michele Parisi aka Miky Up:
- musician, author, composer & arranger ;
- associated with SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publisher);
- endorser Jim Reed Guitars.

His artistic training began in the late '80s, when his attention is focused primarily on the artistic productions of bands like the Clash, the Police and Yes.

Subsequently his musical preferences widened to include other genres such as new wave, hard rock, blues, heavy metal, dark, grunge, new age, fusion, easy listening, jazz,
progressive, alternative-rock, world music, lounge, ambient. Thanks to his interest in different types of music, he's not tied down to any specific genre..


Michele Parisi - Soundscapes vol 1


A free spirit initiative was created to propose a different way to tell the story
and the great names about the ancient city of Nuceria.

Nuceria vol I 
Publius Sittius Nucerinus

The first album of the trilogy includes 7 original cinematic soundtracks meant to musically
narrate the story of Publius Sittius Nucerinus, a great character from the ancient Roman town of Nuceria.

Nuceria vol II
Dalle origini al Medioevo

The second album of the trilogy includes 10 original soundtracks which represent a musical
story, through the centuries, of the town of Nuceria: from its origin to the Middle Ages.

Nuceria vol III
Il Cinquecento

The third album of the trilogy includes 9 original soundtracks where the story of Duke
Alfonso Carafa and the characters from his court is once again narrated through music.


Rosetta was a space mission by European Space Agency (ESA) launched on 2 March 2004

In his album, Tapes Shaker, Miky Up includes a song called "Rosetta".
This instrumental composition is an artistic tribute to the ESA's mission by the composer.
All the Miky's video clip material has been kindly granted by ESA.
A special thanks goes to Hugo Auffret from ESA for the provision
of archival material to the European Space Agency.


The album is a musical journey that starts from the past up to the present and the future:
the sounds of old analog synthesizers replicated and reintroduced in the modern music.
Many musical genres mixed together in an electronic experimental album.